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5 Insights to Lite Commercial Electrical Services


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Electricity is a pivotal part of everyone’s daily operations at any industrial or commercial property. No matter what industry you’re in, the electrical system is integral to what you commit to every day. The electrical system is relatively more essential to the daily tasks that we usually take for granted. Even though the electrical system is reliable and safe to be around, it can sometimes malfunction. That is because, like us humans, even such systems need maintenance.

Our electrical services team in Tauranga is committed to offering high-end commercial electrical maintenance solutions to ensure you always depend on the utmost electrical system. Let’s assume you operate or own a commercial property or business. In that case, you must know what it takes explicitly to keep the entire electrical system in an ideal condition.

Here at Hiko Electrical, we comprise comprehensive experience in the commercial industry and can help you through remodels, new electrical contracting, generator installs, lighting upgrades, cost-cutting eco-friendly lighting, offsetting carbon footprint, commercial solar, UPS systems, retrofits, and more.

Commercial Electrical Maintenace -Hiko Electrical
Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Why Choose Us?


We utilize only quality products to obtain long-lasting repairs and installations. Our clients tend to rely on our end-to-end services. As a result, you can rest assured that the job we perform leaves you with satisfaction. Our Tauranga electricians are experienced and committed enough to offer a competitive and fair price. It does not end here. We understand the particular needs of design, planning, and budgeting. We can provide you with complete scopes of pre-construction solutions and services.


From designing the electrical project to finishing it, we have what it takes to complete the job on time, on budget, and up to the code. 


Design & Project Management

  • Strategic Planning & Estimating
  • Design Consulting (New Construction, Upgrades & Renovation)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Surveys



  • PowerPoints (Speciality Receptacles)
  • Lighting (New, Maintenance & Updates)
  • Power & Control Wiring
  • Cabling & Wiring
  • Surge Protection
  • Switchboards
  • Appliances
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • Solar Solutions
  • AV Installations
  • Ceiling & Exhaust Fans
  • Testing & Tagging



  • Smoke Alarm Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Emergency Lighting



  • UPS Installation
  • Data & Internet
  • Phone lines


Commercial Solar Power Tauranga
Commercial Electricians Tauranga

Trust Our Commercial Electrical Solutions

If you didn’t know, our commercial electricians’ team in Mount Maunganui is certified by Master Electricians and highly trained and educated professionals. 



Our team of electrical technicians is committed to obtaining quality, long-lasting repairs and installations.


Honest Prices

Even though commercial electrical solutions and services are not the cheapest, we won’t hurt your wallet or budget. And that’s a promise!



Our qualified team of certified electricians can tackle any fault, problem, or situation.

Commercial Electricians Near You


Residential electrical services are a lot different from commercial ones. They require a significant amount of finesse and hands-on experience. Moreover, these activities comprise a greater degree of consultation that only an experienced electrician can handle. Having said that. There is also an extensive skill set required by professionals who wish to undertake this service. And that’s where we’d like to come in. 


Our commercial electricians in the Bay Of Plenty are responsible for wiring the instruments to control and manage lighting, power, air conditioning, refrigeration units, and heating in commercial buildings.


Electricians You’re Looking For


Our trained electricians can perform an array of services comprising repair & maintenance, installation, and electrical and communication system testing in public facilities or businesses such as; retail outlets, restaurants, schools, shopping centers, and hospitals. It is, with this, vitally essential that a fully-equipped team conducts the services and an enterprise with the scope and breadth to integrate several factors at play in a specific commercial project.


Commercial Electrical Cable
Commercial Electricians Papamoa

We Are Your Valued Partner For All Lite Commercial Electrical Work 


With our Tauranga electrical services team, there is no need to worry. Since we have been a part of the business for many years, we have established a robust reputation in the commercial and residential sectors. Unlike our competitors, who’re more into making quick bucks, we’re a team of passionate professionals who like to build a solid relationship with clients and customers, knowing they can turn towards us to meet any commercial electrical needs. There are several reasons why we say this repeatedly.


Professional Team


When it comes to high-end electrical jobs and services, a lot of responsibility lies on a specialist’s shoulders. That is because commercial electrical services are not everyone’s cup of tea. Our Bay of Plenty electrician fulfills the criteria of being fully equipped and licensed that comply with all safety standards and workplace health.


Moreover, with our team of expert electricians, you’ll have more than just peace of mind, knowing that our professionals can efficiently and effectively address your current and future electrical requirements on commercial electrical needs.


Find out more about our Commercial Electrical Services

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