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Electrical Renovations: 5 Things to Know


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Introduction to Electrical Renovations

Before you start any job, take some time to consider the following things that could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project.


Often, costs are underestimated or missed altogether, especially when renovating and upgrading old systems for new technologies. Even though it seems obvious to have a clear budget, it is often pulled together too late in the planning process, leading to disappointment in finishing or overspending. 

Your best strategy is to engage a qualified master electrician when you think about any electrical renovations and seek guidance to help you through the planning stages. A local electrician will be able to draw on their previous experience and give you an idea of the cost of your renovation. 

This way, you can budget accordingly and get the outcome you desire.

Product Selection

Product selection is a massive part of any electrical renovation and is often overlooked. LED lighting, socket outlets, light switches, and decorative lighting come in various styles and, therefore, budgets. And not only do products differ in cost at the time of purchase, but some may have higher running costs once installed—something to keep in mind.

If you are beginning your renovation journey, think about the products you will use and how they will look in the other parts of the home that you may not be renovating on this occasion. Also, how will they look in different areas, such as the bathroom versus the kitchen, where different colours and wall finishes may be used.

When it comes to lighting, you may wish to consider things such as lighting placement, dimmer switches, LED strip lighting, deck lights, or night lights that move beyond functionally and into design impact. There are a lot of products to consider and questions to ask, and it may leave your head spinning, so engage a qualified electrician early on in your planning.

Existing Cabling

Do I need to upgrade my switchboard? What is that green goo coming out of my electrical socket? Is my electrical wiring dangerous? What is an RCD?

These are great questions and all ones you should be asking yourself before undertaking your initial budget planning. Old cabling and circuit protection can be dangerous to your home and family. Old cabling presents many risks, such as fire, and poor circuit protection can increase the chances of electric shock. 

Get some professional advice from your local electrician about where to start. That may suggest an option to upgrade/replace the wiring in your home in stages or go the whole hog and upgrade your switchboard and wiring simultaneously. Just a note, all electrical work performed must comply with up-to-date existing electrical regulations. 

You should receive a certificate from your electrician once the job is completed.


Wall-mounted TV? In-ceiling speakers? Automatic Gate? Full home automation? Security systems? Alarms? The choices are endless! And there are more innovative products and fun gadgets entering the market every day. It is part of the reason why we love what we do.

Future-proofing costs you a little bit more at the time but saves you money over the long run. There is nothing more expensive than retrofitting systems. Tradespeople do not like crawling in loft spaces or under houses, so they charge accordingly! If the cabling and electrical layout are future-proofed during the renovation, when it comes to installing a future system, it’s quick and easy as the cables are already where they need to be.

Using a Master Electrician

Master Electricians set the benchmark for excellence. The organisation’s mission is to “provide service, information, and support to our members and the wider industry” and “represent, promote and advance the interests of the electrical contracting industry.” 

When it comes to choosing an electrician, selecting a registered Master Electrician ensures your job will be covered with the following benefits:

  • Quality Assured – Registered Master Electricians review, educate and support their member electricians to enable them to maintain the highest industry standards. They have access to expert industry advice, training, and services to maintain best practices delivery for their customers.
  • Trusted Experts – As New Zealand’s only electrical contracting trade organisation, they work with the Government, regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders, and the public over a wide range of issues on behalf of their members.
  • Working Safely – Master Electricians take Workplace Health and Safety seriously – safety is a big part of their Quality Assurance programme. Plus, Master Electricians always thoroughly test their work. When the job is completed, you’ll get official certification to show the work has been carried out to standard and is compliant.
  • Workmanship Guarantee – When you use a Master Electrician, you automatically get a $20,000 Workmanship Guarantee on all residential work to give you peace of mind.
  • The guarantee is a vital part of the Master Electricians brand, and their members are the only electricians in New Zealand who can offer their customers such an assurance.





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